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The first day of child care or kinder can be quite overwhelming and daunting for some families. We are here to support the transition for your child and your family. There are so many things to think about; what to expect, how long do I stay when I drop them off, what should I pack, how should I dress them? Our friendly staff are here to help you and your child settle in on your first day. We have put together a little checklist below to help you prepare for the big first day!

 How to prepare

By completing the ‘enquire now’ tab and by making an appointment with the Centre Director, we can schedule in several orientation days for you and your child. The orientation days are designed to slowly introduce you and your child in to the classroom and childcare centre. This is the perfect opportunity for you to discuss your child’s routines, interests, food preferences, dietary requirements, allergies, additional needs and goals you would like to achieve. It also helps to talk to your child about what they will be doing and who they will be seeing at Early Learning Centre between orientation days and the first day. The best way to prepare is to get excited about the new adventure you about take a journey on. This will assist your child to feel at ease on their first day.

  What to expect on the first day

First days can bring nerves and mixed emotions. It is natural to feel anxious as this is a big change for you as a parent, the child and the entire family. Our Centre Director and Educators will explain the process of dropping off your child and saying goodbye throughout your orientation and first day. They may also call or email you throughout the day letting you know how your child is settling in and what activities they have participated in. At any time throughout the day if you are curious as to how your child is going, call the centre and ask to talk to the Educators in the classroom and they will be able to update you every step of the way.
Before you know it your child will be showing you to the classroom and waving goodbye independently as they see their new friends and get involved in to the many activities they will experience!

 What to wear

We promote sun smart practices throughout our Early Learning Centres. When you are dressing your child for their day consider:


  Tops and dresses that cover the shoulders and as much of the arms as possible;

  Closed toe shoes or sandals with a back so they don’t slip off; and

  Clothes that have the potential to get a little messy at times even though we try and prevent it with the use of smocks!


 What to bring

When packing the child’s bag for their days at Early Learning Centre you may like to consider packing the following:


  Change of clothes;

  A jumper or jacket in case the weather changes;

  A sun safe hat which covers your child’s ears, neck and face;

  Comfort item such as teddy, blanket, dummy (in a sealed container) or family photo;


  Formula or Expressed milk (if required);

  Sipper cups or water bottles;

  Nappies, wipes and creams (if your nearby centre does not provide them); and

  Any medications – This will need to be given directly to the Educators on arrival.

 For a printable version please click here.


Our Early Learning Centres are committed to offering quality child care to every child that attends our centres. We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our centre. Contact us today to secure your child's future at Early Learning Centres. 


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